Whole Home Automation

It all begins with a dream.
You dreamt of one day owning the perfect home and now that you own it, you dream of making it even more perfect. And who wouldn't want to experience greater comfort, enjoyment and security if they could? So dream away! With today's technology, we can help you make your dreams come to life.

Dream Home, Scene 1 - Automating your daily routines

You awaken to the rising volume of your favorite music, glance at your bedside home automation console to check the weather forecast, as the smell of freshly brewed coffee (set to brew automatically) fills the kitchen. At the touch of a button, the blinds open throughout the house, letting the sunshine in. With another touch, you heat the pool in preparation for your morning swim. Another glorious day begins!

Dream Home, Scene 2 - Entertainment

You have guests coming over this evening. Fortunately, they can access and enjoy any music, movie, or video game of their choice, from any room in the house. Or even outside the house for that matter. And the quality of the sound, no matter the room you are in, is spectacular. Finally you retire to your custom home theater. The experience is so immersive, that going out to the cinema is a distant memory. In fact, you have video distribution to every room in the house. Your home is now everyone's favorite entertainment hotspot!

Dream Home, Scene 3 - Home Security

You are leaving for a vacation and with one touch of a button, set the entire home on 'vacation mode' – lowering the temperature, scheduling the lighting and irrigation, activating the security cameras and alert system. You leave with peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected, and that you have complete awareness and control, from anywhere in the world. Now, that's real security!

Why Turnkey
The beauty of this dream is that it's all possible. Our design team will integrate the right technology so seamlessly into your decor, that no one will really know it's there; with functionality that can be summed up in 3 words – simple to use.

Your dream home may start as a dream, but Turnkey will make it a reality.

Call us for a FREE consultation today! Or drop us an email to arrange a showroom visit to experience whole-home automation, done right. To experience a virtual demo within this website, click here.

Whole Home Automation
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"Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with the work that you completed on our entertainment systems in our house and outside. I'm now able to work in the garden and listen to my music as my husband is relaxing and enjoying his sporting events on the television, all at the same time!..." - Colleen and Patrick Rumball
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